African Experience Update

It’s mid year already, and summer is here! Second part of the year looking bright and promising. It is an understatement to say the first part of the year has been challenging! I appreciate all that have stood with me in this moment of transition, and now what is needed to keep going all the more clearer.

I apologise for all the inconvenience of not being able to reach me, truly, unavoidable circumstances. But now all is sorted and I’m getting ready to launch African Experience nights in 3 locations in Gloucestershire: 2 in Gloucester and launching The African Experience in Newent!!! So exciting!!!

As most will know I’ve been hosting my guests at the Gloucester Conservative Club, lovely people who gave me a lifeline at a really low point, and looking forward to being here one Saturday every month. And for those that expressed the need to be in a more neutral ground, I’m excited to announce a partnership with Gloucestershire International School who are based at Wotton House (formerly Redcliffe College) as they have invited me to offer some African food as they set out to offer more pop up restaurant experiences.

On Saturday 17th June we were at Wotton House …. With Wild game, name choma (barbecued meats) and a wide range of curries – meat, vegetarian and fish- on offer. It was a great night of socialising with lots attending!

For future popup restaurant experiences please email me on and I will send you more details.

Thanks for the continued support, all is going to be OK!

God bless, Wanja

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